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Outer space is boring

At last, the sixth release from The Freak Accident "Outer Space Is Boring" has arrived. The new album finds guitarist-vocalist Ralph Spight (Victims Family,Jello Biafra and the GSM) and a new line-up of Henry Austin Lannan (Mongoloid, Othered, Atomic Tide) on bass and drummer Stark Raving Brad (Hellbillies, Antler Family,Marginal Prophets, many others) riding through Psychedelic Punk,Power Pop, Sludge Core, weird time signatures, butt rock, Caribbean improv and any other textures they can get their slimy little mitts on as a foundation for Ralph's wry insights on Space,Consumerism,Loyalty,Post-Truth America and the light and darkness in us all. This cheery little slab will have you humming it's caustic little ear-worms all the way to the fallout shelter. Enjoy while you can.

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