The Freak Accident is a  Punk/Math/Garage/Pop/Surf/Rock collision led by Victims Family/Jello Biafra and GSM guitarist-vocalist Ralph Spight. The epoynonymous debut record in 2004 (Alternative Tentacles) found Ralph exploring a multitude of Pop stylings, while 2007's "Tissue Sample" (Nerve Center Recordings) took a harder turn into Spight's signature kinetic punk stylings. An as yet unreleased 2009 EP and a full length LP are coming out soon and finds the band with a new line-up of Spight, Henry Austin Lannan on bass and Sonoma County drum legend Eric Strand who deliver an ever changing array of lysergic thunder anthems with a lyrical perspective that abandons all hope for the future.

Ralph Spight has spent most of the past two decades traversing the world playing a tight brew of kinetic punk with his band Victims Family and its offshoots Saturn’s Flea Collar and Hellworms . The Northern California trio put out numerous albums (six on the Alternative Tentacles label) and toured repeatedly through the US and Europe and garnered a rabid cult following worldwide.

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